Yaaaaaaasssssss girl yaaaaassss congrats on your engagement, so glad you said yaaaaassssssss. I would never have gaaaaaassssssssed that you would get engaged first because you used to be such a hot maaaaasssssss but never the laaaaassssss you pulled it off. Is Tom gonna wear a traditional suit or a vaaaaasssstttt? Girl I’ll let you get some raaaaassssttt as I’m sure you’re exhausted from saying yaaasssssss but I just want to say that I’m glad you put Tom to the taasssstttttt as it made him realize he wanted to be with you for the raaaassssst of his life, girl yaaaasssssss. So excited for your wedding I think it’s going to be the baaasssttttt, I gotta go add some spice to the soup I’m broiling aka zaaaaaassttttt. Yaaaaassssss soup yaaassssssss.

Love you,

P.S. Are you gonna say yaaaaaassssss to the draaaaaaasssss?


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