Text Translation Guide: Expressing Laughter, Out Loud and Otherwise
November 22, 2013

Illustration by Paige Weldon

Texting is hard. I’m here to help. This month, let’s find out if you’re as funny as you think you are:

Ha = “Nice one, pretty good, way to go.”

Haha = “Hey, I can tell you meant that to be funny, and I want you to feel okay about it,” or, “Um, let’s move on.”

Hahaha = “You know what? I smiled.”

Heh = “I am far too cool for school.”

Hehe = “I am very creepy,” or, “You have said something gross, but I am not upset.”

Lol = “That was pretty funny, but I don’t feel like thinking.”

Rofl = “WHOA, are you Ray Romano? Because you are killing it right now.”

Ahaha = “Lol 4 real”

Ahahahahhahahahahhh = “Rofl 4 real”

Roflwaffles = “Let’s get some waffles.”

That’s all for now! Come back next month when we’ll discuss a mystery topic (question marks).



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