Paige_textTexting is hard. I’m here to help. With the new iOS, Apple has unleashed upon us a set of over 300 new emoji. While we keep the classics like “pizza slice” and “pig snout for some reason,” the coming weeks may be a tough time for understanding what your text pals are trying to tell you with their non-words. The below guide is designed to help you through this period of transition.

Brown Santa

father-christmas-with-dark-brown-skin-apple-new-2015 = “Ho ho ho, for Christmas I got you this inclusion!”

A bunch of Canadian flags
4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy4p2ikjb7okdcba copy = “I’m drinking but I’m only 19.”

All the flags
4p2ikjb7okdcba = “I’m drinking and these are all my favorite countries in descending order!”

White guy in a turban
160x160xman-with-turban-with-cream-white-skin-apple-new-2015.png.pagespeed.ic.JT7B6uKV_y = “I am confused.”

Apple Watch
ue977sn0sthciw = “I hate having $600!”

Black blond guy
160x160xperson-with-blond-hair-with-black-skin-apple-new-2015.png.pagespeed.ic.EkuEtBAnzD =“Should I bleach my hair?” or “Remember Sisqó?”

Apple monitor
ue977sn0sthciw copy 2 = “I hate having probably like $1000!” or “Is this a TV? I love TV.”

2 dads with 2 sons
lfrdnpkjfhorha = “This party is all dudes.”

White iPhone
ue977sn0sthciw copy = “I can’t pay my rent this month but I love my new phone and other Apple products!”

2 ladies kissing
1f469-200d-2764-fe0f-200d-1f48b-200d-1f469-kiss-woman-woman-apple-new-2015-final = “I love you and we are both women” or “I love you and we are both women of nondescript race.”

And there you have it, your one stop guide to the new emoji keyboard. A new iOS is a tricky thing, but with this guide, you will be just fine! Have fun including others via iMessage!


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