Summer is a terrible hell from which we will never escape, but texting is a great way to beat the heat! Here are some typical summertime texts and their true meanings.

“It’s a scorcher!” = “I’m your dad.”

“It’s so hot” = “Life is a nightmare from which we cannot wake up.”

“Wanna go to the beach?” = “I am brave. I fear not the coming tide, nor its sharks.”

“Do you know anyone with a pool?” = “I got a good bathing suit this year. LOOK AT IT. LOVE ME.”

[sun emoji] = “You are my summer crush.”

[surfing guy emoji] = “You are my summer crush and we live on the coast.”

“Happy solstice!” = “I never really know what to say to you. Sorry we’re not closer.”

“Omg I got sunburned so bad” = “I am a careless fool. Delete my number for your own safety.”

“BBQ at my place Friday” = This is a trap. Do not respond until they confirm that there will be corn on the cob.

“I’m melting” = This is a text from an ice cream.

That’s all, folks! Hope I’ve made this disgusting purgatory of a season a little more bearable for you. Stay inside, and be sure to check back next month when we’ll discuss something entirely different, but equally important.


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