Texting is hard. I’m here to help. This month, let’s try to understand our text pals’ attempts to agree with us:

Classic ohs and kays:

Okay = “I am fancy and I agree to this.”

Ok = “I value simple, efficient text messaging in this crazy, fast-paced world. And I agree to this.”

Okie dokie = “This is a cry for help. Please call me.”

OK = “Oklahoma”

All right/alright/alright already:

All right = “I am fancy and I agree to this.”

Alright = “I hate you so much. Can we please stop talking if I agree to this?”

Alrighty = “I’m your dad! That sounds neat!”

Just the kay:

K = “I am literally the coolest person in the world, and I agree to this.”

Kk = “I’m the second coolest person in the world, surpassed only by the guy who doesn’t accidentally type ‘k’ twice. Oh and that sounds good.”

K bye = “That’s fine but I’m done here.”

K bye!

Tune in next month for our Halloween edition: Terrifying Texts!



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