Jason B. Buddy was born on January 6th, 1994. When the doctor pulled him out of the womb, an acting bug also crawled out of the womb and bit Jason. 
The bug then scurried out the window and up a drain pipe. After that moment Jason was meant to be an actor.
He couldn’t stop acting. Never. At dinner he would do impressions that genuinely cracked up his family. 
At school he took any chance to perform whether it be joining theatre club OR doing dramatic monologues at recess in hopes of catching the attention of an agent.
The Bafter Daily once described him as a, “Shapeshifter with no fear.”
The New York Times once described him as, “Agile and Completely Stone Faced.”
My dad once told me I was, “Unbearably irritating.”
Whatever people say, Jason is still just an actor. A face changer if you will.
Or is he? Is Jason real…? 
Perhaps Jason is just a character that he has been method acting since the day he was born.
Jason was born nameless.
He was born nameless…
He has no identity. His identity is what he chooses. His history is what he make it. 
Was he born in 1994?
He was born in 1855 or 1392 or 1971 or maybe he was born YESTERDAY??
Maybe he does not exist. But whatever or wherever he is. He is simply an actor.
He loves commercial work and can do a perfect Irish accent.


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