zombieNote to viewers: The All-Night Zombie Channel is not available in every area. For more information, check your local listings or contact your cable provider.

Program Line-Up:

6 p.m. – The Knocking Dead: Jehovah’s Witness zombies pray and slay.

7 p.m. – The Wokking Dead: Stir Frying zombies experiment with wasabi.

8 p.m. – The Blocking Dead: Football Player zombies chew on cheerleaders.

9 p.m. – The Spocking Dead: Trekkie zombies attend cons to gnaw nerds.

10 p.m. – The Baching Dead: Symphony Loving zombies dine on bluebloods.

11 p.m. – The Talking Dead: Politician zombies consume their own brains.

Midnight – The Stocking Dead: Femme Fatale zombies nosh in nylons.

1 a.m. – The Rocking Dead: Heavy Metal zombies thrash and gnash.

2 a.m. – The Flocking Dead: Geese zombies fly south for chicken-fried innards.

3 a.m. – The Schlocking Dead: Low Budget zombies use too much ketchup.

4 a.m. – The Hocking Dead: Tobacco Chewing zombies look disgusting while they eat.

5 a.m. – The Squawking Dead: Excited Chicken zombies peck people to death.

6 a.m. – The Mocking Dead: Satirist zombies rise early to write biting humor.


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