The Cast List
September 2, 2015

Below is the FINAL cast list for BHS’s fall production of Let’s Get Jaunty! the classic 1937 naval romp with music and lyrics by Cole Porter’s mentally ill half-brother, Jole. I want to stress again that these casting decisions are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE and my office hours are ALWAYS CANCELLED no matter WHAT THE SCHOOL WEBSITE SAYS.

First Mate Cockney Ipswitch – Rodney Harrisburg (congrats!!!)

Ensign Shufflehoofer – Jake Davis

Virginia Sweetface – Candice Lipler

Sick Cabin Boy – Daniel West (sorry!!!)

Detective Edgar T. Shoehorn – Claire Barnes

Mayor of New York – Gary? Greg? The heavy one

FDR – Rodney Harrisburg (congrats!!!)

Drunk Little Homeless Boy – Ben Carson

Nurse With Nice Gams – Leslie Tiller (need you to sign a permission slip)

Herr Goebbels a.k.a. The Party Starter – Noah Epstein

Bare Knuckle Boxers – Mikey Gulch and anyone else strong enough

The Murphy Brothers – The Goldfarb Sisters

Organ Grinder Monkey – Rodney Harrisburg (sorry!!!)

The Kindly Ethnic Narrator – Me

Rehearsals begin next week and go to two-a-days the week after that. I will be passing out scripts as soon as I’ve edited out the parts of the book that are pro-Hitler.


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