What makes a great student? Some say intelligence, some say drive. I say what makes a great student is being able to adapt to any situation you’re thrown into. And that is certainly something I have plenty of experience with.

When I was five years old, my father took a job as a winter caretaker for an old hotel near Boulder, Colorado. (This is also why I’m especially excited to apply to University of Miami–I’m done with snow!) While the job was great for my dad, who used his extra time to write, I suddenly had tons of free time I had to occupy without any of my friends from home. This meant I had to develop my imagination!

I tricycled through the halls, explored the elaborate hedge maze, and even had a pair of twins as imaginary friends! Even now when I think about them I’m flooded with all sorts of complicated and intriguing emotions. This is why one of the majors I’m seriously considering is fine art; I feel as though my early life really gave me a lot to process, and that sculpture could be the perfect outlet.

Although I had a lot of free time, my family was also in charge of making sure the hotel was operating smoothly. Did you know that large hotels have food storage rooms as big as apartments? They also have extremely thick metal doors, although funnily enough the one in this hotel must have been broken, because it was always opening on its own! My intricate knowledge of hotels is also why one of the majors I’m considering is hotel management. I feel I have a lot to offer on what is good for a hotel, and what is very, very bad.

While my experience at the hotel was certainly informative, what I learned the most about that winter was family. I learned that if your family does not have proper communication, things can get ugly, and fast. I learned that the key to a good family dynamic is openness, honesty, and sometimes even agreeing to never speak about certain events that definitely happened but cannot be explained or forgiven. This is why the last major I’m considering is psychology with an emphasis in telekinetic abilities.

I can honestly say that after my winter at the Overlook Hotel, I’ve approached life with a certain perspective (or as I like to think of it, maturity) that none of my peers can relate to. I am extremely ready to move across the country and get a fresh start at The University of Miami! Go Ibises!

Danny Torrance


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