Once I was walking through a park while listening to a comedy podcast. Well, it wasn’t a comedy podcast as much as it was just advertised as a comedy podcast. Really it was a podcast where two comedians with minimal skills and life experience discuss some conclusions they have discovered about how to live a meaningful life. 

I like to listen to how other people try to live meaningful lives. Because sometimes life can be very hard and as you may have noticed, the only people who know how to live life properly are other people (Aka Not you or I).

In the middle of this podcast one comedian said to the other comedian, “Everyone has become so obsessed with the little red notification on their phones! It’s like we’re zombie slaves to Apple!” I think the comedian thought the phrase zombie slaves was funny, but it wasn’t. But the other comedian laughed anyway, so maybe I was wrong about that. 

The first comedian was trying to point out that phones are ruining society because everyone is so obsessed with them. I disagree with the first comedian because I was using my phone to listen to their podcast while I was walking through the park. But what do I know about how to live a meaningful life? After all, I am not a comedian. 

The park was very meaningful to me despite what the comedians were saying about my use of a phone. I saw trees and also animals. I did notice that the animals didn’t have phones and they looked happy so maybe the comedians were on to something. 

In conclusion, I believe phones are totally fine because they allow people you don’t know to explain to you how you should live your life. Which is very helpful because living life is hard and it’s better to have someone you don’t know tell you how to live your life rather than try to figure that out by yourself. Thank you all for reading.


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