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About This Project

About the Film:

This was supposed to be a Kickstarter but Kickstarter won’t let me be on Kickstarter so you can just venmo me your contributions directly @EmilyFayeUmmmYesPlease. 

The Munsters was a half-hour tv comedy about a normal American family of supernatural monsters that aired for two seasons from 1964-1966. I’m going to make a feature length movie bringing back The Munsters for the 21st century. The main plot point of this re-make is that Eddie puts a room in the mansion up on Airbnb and it becomes a really popular listing. There will definitely also be well-defined acts and hijinks and a central conflict and resolution that stem from that situation and we’re going to figure those out. The cast is as follows: 

Herman Munster – Brad Garrett

Lily Munster – Penelope Cruz

Grandpa Munster – Samuel L. Jackson

Eddie Munster – one of those kids from Stranger Things, doesn’t really matter which

Marilyn Munster – either Emma Stone or myself

As of now, the only cast member signed on officially is Brad Garrett, but I’m confident that once we’re fully funded and I’m able to get the offer to the others, they’ll be on board.

About the Team:

Hi! My name is Emily and I’ve never made a film before, but I feel like this is a pretty good idea. I like iced tea, sundresses, dogs with funny faces, and saying mean things about people with my friends!

Why do we need YOUR Money?

Good question! I don’t really have any of it myself, personally.

Risks and Challenges:

If some of the actors couldn’t work on the project due to their schedules, that would be an issue, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. If someone died on set that would be pretty bad, but that’s always a risk. This is my first movie or film or video and thus far I haven’t sought out anyone who knows how to do this kind of stuff, but I do really thrive under pressure. I’m not planning on paying any taxes, to make your money stretch further. We could get audited.

Support This Project:

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Make a pledge with no reward! Thank you so much!

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Get a Personal thank you email from me, Emily!

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Get a Youtube link to the finished movie!

Pledge $150 or More

Get 3 Youtube links to the finished movie and a signed card from the whole cast!

Pledge $500 or More

Get an Executive Producer title and a special thank you in the credits!

Pledge $1,000 or More

Have a one line speaking role in the movie*!

*We can’t promise you won’t be left on the cutting room floor. This is showbiz, baby.

Pledge $500,000 or More

You’re the co-director now! and my husband or wife! Congrats!




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