1480817694_thefreeforty_labelBuy one; get the second at regular price.

We pay the tax and you repay us when you can.

Take $10 off your next purchase of $1,000 or more (some conditions may apply).

Buy three tires and get the fourth for the average price of the first three.

Free balloons (often end up floating onto our property).

Present this coupon and get four complimentary wheels and a trunk with the purchase of any of our pre-owned vehicles.

Upsize your drink by a quarter for only 25% more.

When you buy one of our designer purses, this coupon entitles you to a free gift ($0 value).

Buy five coffees and the sixth one will cost no more than the first five. Guaranteed.

Take 10% off your food order if you pick it up and cook it yourself.

30% off your next purchase (no, not this one; the next one).

One complimentary appetizer with the purchase of four entrees, four alcoholic beverages and four desserts (only one coupon per table and cannot be combined with any other offer).

Scratch ‘n save discount coupon (must match three prime numbers to apply).



The Higgs Weldon is a humor website with funny stories, articles, cartoons, and one liners. It was started by the Los Angeles stand-up comedy community, but takes submissions from everybody. Please read and enjoy our jokes! 


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