Where some people see injustice and do nothing, others find opportunity to take a stand and make right on the wrongs of today. That’s why we’re lucky to have proactive citizens likes Karen Yeagar of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After learning James Cameron’s 2009 epic sci-fi movie Avatar lost its spot atop the box office charts, Karen made it her mission to rewrite the record books. Now, she’s hoping to sell enough baked goods to help Avatar reclaim its rightful place as the highest grossing domestic film of all time.

Keep it going, Karen! We’re all supporting your cause and your cookies.

When Karen first found out Avatar’s six-year reign as the most profitable film in American box offices ended, she felt helpless. But upon realizing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which she paid to see twice in theaters, bumped Avatar down to second place, Karen knew she had to dig a little deeper. Rallying cinephiles around her cause, she’s well on her way to selling enough cookies, cake and fudge bars to raise the $176,154,601 needed to put Avatar back on the top of the domestic charts.

“I don’t think it’s right that a film with an as completely original story and groundbreaking visual effects as Avatar sit second on the American box office charts to a film franchise,” said Karen. “What kind of message does that send to American children who aspire to one day make commercially viable epic sci-fi cinema?”

Prices for Karen’s baked goods range from a reasonable 50 cents for a chocolate chip cookie with blue food coloring to resemble Avatar’s Na’vi people to upwards of $25 for a cake shaped like Unobtanium. Oh boy, it doesn’t hurt that these tasty treats support a meaningful cause.

Karen says she has bigger goals than simply raising over $100 million, though: “I’m hoping this also raises awareness of James Cameron’s Avatar. There’s a lot of lessons taught in the film that are applicable to our everyday lives.”

Wow. Consider us inspired. With more than a few dozen cookies and pies sold, Karen’s well on her way to guiding Avatar back to the top spot on the charts. Way to go, Karen! 



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