Thrift | Episode 1
October 13, 2015

Presenting: the first episode of my new series. Each week I will be visiting a different second-hand store with a new friend. This week’s guest is the Higgs Weldon’s very own, Paige Weldon!

In the spirit of DIY sharing know-how, here’s the how and why of this video series:

How I Shot It and Edited It

I shot it on my iPhone. The big advantage to using an iPhone is that no one is going to come up and bother about filming. People just accept that everyone has their phone out now and are constantly using them to document their lives. Thanks god for the post-human info-sharing economy!

The big drawback of the sneaky iPhone setup is the quality. The lighting in a Goodwill sucks which is why everything looks washed out and kind of dingy. Also, iPhones don’t capture the sound of two people talking all that well. If this project ever gets a budget, the first thing I’ll purchase are wireless lavelier mics.

I edited it with Adobe Premiere. This is the first time I’ve used the software and so far it’s pretty tight.

The wonderful music came from The Twerks, my girlfriend Jordan’s former band. I don’t know what I am going to do for music of future episodes so if you want to donate some tracks, please send them my way.

Why Clothes? Why Thrifting?

I really love clothes. One of my favorite movies is Bill Cunningham New York. His philosophy on fashion is nuanced, deep and humane. I like that. I don’t want to engage in the arms race of designer brands and high end boutiques. For clothing to be a meaningful expression of one’s nature, it has to be accessible to everyone. That’s where second-hand stores come in. They allow us to acquire a variety of wonderful and interesting goods (not just clothes but also appliances, kitchenware, furniture, books, records etc) at a reasonable price and they’re easier on the environment.

I don’t think we’re about to give-up consumer culture anytime soon and I’m not here to say we should. I think shopping can be fun. I think shopping for second-hand goods can be especially fun as you’re not just looking for a product to buy, you’re sifting through our shared history. These objects represent trends in our culture and were owned by fellow members of our community. In future episodes, I’d really like to be able to research some of the stuff we come across and dive into their origins.

On the environmental note, producing new goods takes energy and raw materials. Re-purposing old goods saves a lot of trouble and typically some trees. You might be worried that our economy runs off of people manufacturing new goods and getting more stuff second-hand might undermine that model. However, I would point out that if we shifted our emphasis to a “repairing, updating, and re-using economy” we could probably still have everyone employed and produce far less waste.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Thanks to Paige for doing the pilot with me. Hopefully I can keep making more of these things and they enrich everyone’s lives in a fun, meaningful way.



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