1. Pink – “Get The Party Started”
Sadly the days of sunshine and suntans, not to mention sunburns (lol, ouch), are coming to an end. The soirée is winding down so to speak, but that doesn’t mean a fashionably late guest can’t arrive. Perhaps he brought guacamole?… I’m referring to fall, dur! So bust out your best cozy sweater and grab a pumpkin quiche, because when one rager of a season ends, another season gets, you guessed it, “started.”

2. Coldplay – “Clocks”
Let me paint you a beautiful picture and please, for the love of god, envision it in watercolor: You’re sitting outside with a refreshing beverage in hand wondering what time it is and assuming it must be 4 p.m. because it’s so dang light out. You check your cell phone… huh?! Come again!? It’s nearly 8 o’clock at night. Yeah, that’s daylight savings time for ya, but don’t get too used to it because come fall we will unfortunately have to wind the “clocks” back.

3. Katy Perry – “Firework”
Fourth of July: The birth of our nation and also the birth of our ration (idk). If you can muster the strength, take yourself back to that moment when you were witnessing the sky come alive with bursts of shimmery flames. Now gather the strength you need to come back to the present. I bet you’re feeling like a firework that wouldn’t light. I bet you’re feeling like a dud. The celebration is over, and now the only “fireworks” you’ll be seeing are those between your mom and her new fall lover Randall.

4. Backstreet Boys – “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely”
The biting cold is nipping at our heels. The very same cold that will be holding the sun and its generous warmth hostage over the crisp fall months. Where are you going, sun? Don’t you love me any more? Sometimes it feels like the sun has abandoned us, but fear not, he’ll be back in a few months; he just went out to get some cigarettes. No need to “show me the meaning of being lonely.” I already know it.

5. Nelly – “Hot In Herre”
Is it though? With fall temperatures fast approaching the weather forecast could more accurately be described as “slightly cloudy and not very hot in herre.” No more gallivanting around in a barely-there sundress or a classic pair of cargo shorts. Get your ass in a turtleneck (but not actually your ass), rake a damn pile of leaves and pray for a life-changing romance. Fall is officially “herre.”



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