Top Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Donald Trump’s SNL Appearance
November 9, 2015

Saturday night, billionaire and presidential hopeful Donald Trump was the host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Many people were excited to see what a show with the outspoken businessman would look like. Others were less amused and protested outside of NBC headquarters. Well, as we all know, the show was a huge success! I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the show. What a lot of people don’t know is that Trump didn’t take a break during commercials, but instead continued to entertain us for 3+ hours straight. Here are some of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the night:


1. Opening Monologue

Everyone went nuts when New York City legend Larry David appeared to “heckle” Trump during his monologue. After the show cut to commercial, Donald went straight over to Larry and took the glasses off of his face. He put them on his face and looked out into the crowd doing his best impression of David. “Look at me, I love New York and delis and other Jewish stuff. I made Seinfeld. Jewish, Jewish, Jewish.” Needless to say, the crowd couldn’t get enough of it. Trump received a standing ovation for 4 minutes, which ran past the commercial breaks. If you listen closely, you can hear the crowd going wild for a full two minutes after the show comes back from commercial.

2. Push-Ups

After every sketch, Trump would wave to the crowd then drop down and start doing pushups. As he did this, he would yell, “Look at me, I’m the strong man! Make me President ‘cause I’m the strongest!” Obviously, the audience was in awe of his big muscles, and every set of push-ups resulted in a 12-minute standing ovation for the politician.

3. Blackface

When it comes to his comedy, there’s nothing off limits for Trump. Right before the last sketch of the night, Donald came out with black paint covering his entire face… and did a PERFECT Barack Obama impression. The cast and crew tried to stop him, but the audience started throwing trash at them and yelling, “Let him speak!” After 8 minutes of flawless character work, the man with unfathomable amounts of money bowed, and enjoyed a 27-minute standing ovation.

4. Post-Show

After the show was over and the cameras had stopped, Mr. Trump called for everyone’s attention. He called Taran Killam over and put his arm around him. “Everyone, tonight has been fun. But let’s not forget what is most important. In one year we will elect a new president, and I believe that person should be me. We need a strong leader. A leader who won’t take crap from anyone. A leader who will follow through on his word, rather than pass the responsibility off to someone else. So, Lorne…” At this point, Lorne Michaels came out and handed a machete to Donald Trump. Trump looked over to Killam and said, “Nobody makes fun of the Don!” and, in one swing, cut the multi-faceted performer’s head clean off. He held the disembodied head up in front of the audience who, as of this morning at 9 a.m., are still giving “The Don” a standing ovation.


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