Here are some tropical jokes I submitted for my late night packet which were cruelly and instantly returned to me because they were apparently supposed to be “topical” jokes. Oooookay Jimmy Fallon suck a topical dick. Without further ado.

With the popularity of coconut water skyrocketing, the number of coconuts in the world are limited, leaving a lot of Almond Joys, well, joyless.

The sand grains on many Dominican Republic beaches are so fine tourists usually give them a key to their hotel room.

There’s a new alcoholic drink called Coconut Sunset which has the power to mentally transport you to an exotic beach… rumor has it, the drink will be garnished with a bottle of sunscreen.

More and more women are opting to wear a one piece bathing suit as opposed to a bikini… meanwhile more and more men are trading their swim trunks for younger wives.

An Air Tahiti Nui flight attendant recently spilled honey on a passenger while attempting to pour it into the gentleman’s tea… more like Air Tahiti Gooey.

A shark was recently spotted off the coast in Bermuda… His name is John Kale and he’s recently divorced.


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