TV Show Ideas
March 6, 2013

House of Cards – Reality show about working at the Hallmark headquarters

House of Cardamoms – Cooking show about moms who love to cook with cardamom

House of Cardellini – What’s Linda Cardellini (aka Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks) up to these days? Is she still that super cool mix of freak and geek? Find out on House of Cardellini.

House of Cardio – Workout video series

House of Payne: Real Housewives Edition – Reality show about Tyler Perry’s wife being sad about being Tyler Perry’s wife (will have to be delayed until Perry finds love, perhaps via reality show)

House of Pane – Documentary series featuring houses made entirely of windowpane

House of Pain – Rob Zombie’s new bakery/reality show about that bakery (pending legal agreement with hip hop group House of Pain)

House of No Pain No Gain – Workout video series

House of Lie-Bots – Sitcom about robots who lie compulsively and subsequently get into some crazy mishaps

House of Lies and Pies – You want the pies, you gotta deal with the lies.

House of House of Pies – Behind-the-scenes reality show about late-night diner House of Pies (possible workout video series as a spinoff)

Real Housewives of House of House of Pies – Reality show about the women married to the men who produce the show House of House of Pies (gritty, real)

House of Houses – Hour drama about a real estate business