Twas’ the day fore 4/20
And all thru the halls
I’m Jammin to Marley
Plannin’ to get high as balls

The weed is all ground up
And laid out with care
Edibles all counted
Not a single to spare!

My homeboys are dabbing
Oils, hash and Skywalker OG
Trippy visuals from Planet Earth BluRays
Fill all our minds up with glee

Out on the fire escape there arose a sharp clatter
Someone dropped the bong!
Oh phew, didn’t shatter

I took a long drag and it burned in my chest
I slowly exhaled and thought
“Yeah dawg, 4/20’s the best”

Amidst this election season
I think we all can attest
Passin’ more blunts across the aisle
Would put our troubles to rest

For on this special 4/20
Lets take a lesson from days of yore
Share herb and chill with your neighbor
Love, peace and end war



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