Breakfast: Chamomile tea with a drop of honey produced by my pet bee, Larissa

Lunch: A handful of rice

Dinner: The promise of tomorrow


Breakfast: A gulp of the air of a fresh week

Lunch: A gazpacho flavored triscuit

Dinner: A smorgasbord of pita bread


Breakfast: Strawberries picked from my neighbor Lentil’s garden

Lunch: A glimpse of an eggplant

Dinner: Rack of lamb jk a cashew


Breakfast: A frothy glass of asparagus juice

Lunch: A whiff of barley

Dinner: A teaspoon of peas


Breakfast: A medley of grapes

Lunch: A tri-colored beet

Dinner: The memory of goat cheese


Breakfast: An unpeeled lemon

Lunch: A drop of dew

Dinner: Several lentils


Breakfast: Avocado puree

Lunch: Half of a rainbow sprinkle

Dinner: The satisfaction of another week on this gorgeous planet


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