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Brown eyes

You’re fun to be around, but also sometimes you’re not, watch out for that. 

Blue eyes

You are indecisive sometimes, and that can annoy people, watch out for that.

Green eyes

You have pretty cool eyes. Some people like them, some don’t, watch out for that.

Red eyes

You are the Slavic sea demon Vodyanoy. You rule the sea and drag humans into the water to their deaths. You are part frog, part fish, part naked old man, part long flowing hair. You are covered in scales and algae and have a little green beard. You require sacrifices made in your honor by anyone who works with the water, and also beekeepers. You are a powerful demon, but you are not immortal. You killed my wife.  I will find you. I will avenge her. Be wary of me Vodyanoy. Your little games are over, your fishy scales no match for my bullets. I will get you when you least expect it, watch out for that.



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