Hey everyone! Ready to Netflix and Chill? Haha just kidding. Just the Netflix part and not the gradual descension into fingering. We all love Netflix, but you know what I love even more? Knowing things ahead of time! More like “Know things ahead of time and chill.” Ha okay so that doesn’t make sense, but I like to try humor from time to time. What I’m actually excited to tell you is that I stumbled upon the list of new shows coming to Netflix in April! Isn’t that exciting? For a whole month you can think about what TV shows and movies you can watch eventually. What a time to be alive!

It’s a pretty overwhelming list, so I’ve just picked out my top five. Enjoy!

Fella Can’t Do Do It!

Oh man, this highly anticipated comedy produced by Judd Apatow’s cousin Larry Gansford (mother’s side) really packs a wallop of funny! It follows Dean, played by Ben Schwartz plays Sean Bwartz, who get this, can’t figure out his love life! It’s like, hey women, what even ARE YOU? Are you aliens?! Just kidding, the women are regular people, but that doesn’t help Sean! For instance he tells a girl about video games instead of talking about finance or something. What a nerd! And then there’s a really funny part where he panics about having kids even though no one wants to have kids with him. Will this guy ever get it together?! You’ll just have to find out! Hint: he does!


Do you love in-flight magazines? Do you count to 100 for fun? Then you’ll eat this up! Ha! This hard hitting documentary from the people that brought you the Sriracha and Whiskey, two one hundred percent real documentaries, chronicles the history of one of America’s top condiments. It’s a ton of information about a condiment, which is definitely a great subject for a documentary. Bon appetit!

Chert Dorfeld: Calm Down, Manboy

WARNING: This may bust your gut! A stand-up comedian, Chert Dorfeld, who’s fine, decided to film his comedy special! And then at some point Netflix bought it, Hollywood style! The first comedy special ever filmed using only an Android phone doesn’t disappoint as there are several jokes that have been recorded. Can’t get enough of these specials!

High Drama

Frankie Muniz takes on the serious role of a lifetime as a hedge fund billionaire who can’t stop smoking that herb. He misses meetings, he loses custody of his daughter, but he makes killer nachos! Also he has terminal cancer and the pot is really a godsend.

The Fucktards

This brand new Netflix animated show from Ricky Gervais manages to make fun of both the impoverished and the mentally handicapped at the same time! Gervais stars in this series as a wisecracking debt collector and really let’s the stupid American poors have it. Also Gervais has a friend named Todd, a mentally challenged man from the UK who serves as Gervais’s other punching bag. Hijinks ensue and people are put in their place by someone richer and smarter. Very funny!


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