Yelp Review of Earth
September 3, 2013

The following post is a submission from our August 2013 monthly writing prompt, Fake Yelp Reviews. To view our current monthly writing prompt, click here.

Earth – 4 stars

Katie B.
Raleigh, NC
Elite ’13

I heard Mars has better views and a warmer climate, but I’ve never been there due to the fact that I only make $15.00 an hour as an intern and can’t afford it right now. But it’s on my list!

PROS: easy to get to, big, lots of beaches

CONS: lots of space taken up by deserts, not enough people speak English

For some people, this planet might be overrated. But for me, it’s still majestic and has a lot to offer.

I can’t rate Earth 5 stars since I have yet to go to Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and a few more, but I’ll update this post if I think this planet would rate 5 stars after visiting the others.



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