Bistro du Soleil
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Natalie G.
Walnut, CA

If there’s one thing I know and love, it’s brunch. So when I found out that my prospective employer wanted to have a Sunday brunch job interview, I was thrilled! And at the famous Bistro du Soleil?? I’ve read about this place on Eater so many times, I couldn’t wait to try the crepes (pronounced KREPS, of course!) and maybe even a few oeufs!

When we first arrived and were seated, it did take about 30 minutes for the server to come by. I’m sure he was just busy!! When Matthieu finally took our drinks orders, he did come back and promptly spill coffee all over my lap, but it was so cute! I feel the semi-traumatic experience really bonded me and my potential new boss.

Wanting to show off my knowledge of French cuisine, and capacity to make responsible choices, I ordered the frisée salad for my entrée. Matthieu eventually brought me pomme frites, claiming “That’s what it seems like [I] would order.” I didn’t want to argue when he was so swamped tending to the nearby fraternity birthday party. Plus, what a fun excuse to let loose!

Anyway, even though the frat guys made me sit on the birthday boy’s lap and didn’t give me any of the free cake (Who needs it after all those frites??), I feel like it wasn’t Matthieu’s fault and he probably found the whole thing very personally stressful, so I tipped 30%. SERVERS (not waiters!!) work so hard.

Would go again!

City Target
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Natalie G.
Walnut, CA

Popped into the City Target downtown while I was in the neighborhood to pick up some weights and a new yoga mat (gonna stick to that resolution this year!). I learned the hard way that “City” means “Smaller” in the world of Targets. Makes sense though, nice that they make it convenient for everyone by having more locations.

When I walked in I approached an employee stocking the cereal aisle and asked where the exercise equipment was. He looked me up and down and told me “you don’t need to work out” and that I “seem to keep it tight enough already.” I felt really bad for sending him the wrong signal by interrupting his work, I can TOTALLY see why he got confused! So I thanked him for the compliments and asked again where the exercise equipment was in this tiny target. When he asked me for my phone number I knew I was giving off way too many confusing signals so I made sure to thank him again and I walked away to find it myself. Sometimes I just forget that smiling when you speak can really make it seem like you’re flirting! Woops!

On my quest I cut through the Barbie aisle (What can I say, I miss being a kid!). A little boy rounded the corner and whizzed past me with his arms out, knocking down all of the boxes on the shelf. I stood stunned for a minute while his mom at the other end of the aisle chastised him and they moved on. Then an employee (older gentleman) passed and was furious about the mess. Who can blame him? After a misunderstanding where he seemed to think I did it, i just helped clean it up because really it has to get cleaned up anyway.

Finally I found an employee not focused on anything and I asked him where I could find a yoga mat already! He let me know he did not work at Target and was just in a red tee shirt. Woopsie. My bad! I thought he had a walkie talkie but it must have been a belt clip cell phone.

My story ends when I finally (FINALLY!) land on the exercise equipment aisle, just to find out that they are out of yoga mats and weights. Oh brother! I guess I wasn’t the only one with the bright idea to “work out more” as my resolution. I really shouldn’t have waited so late in the day to go shopping. That one’s on me. Not to worry, I got myself a towel and some really heavy soap dispensers to use as weights so I’ll be able to “keep it tight” after all :)

Small store but lots of spunky employees! Would give City Target another go!

H&R Block
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Natalie G.
Walnut, CA

Where to begin! So many good things to say about H&R location #3479. For one, the place is staffed with incredibly passionate, professional tax workers, many of whom I consider close friends. (For example, even the new guy Dave is always taking on more clients, haha!) Not to mention, there’s always ample parking directly in front, and a candy dish at reception that sometimes has York Peppermint Patties–that is if Cindy hasn’t gotten to it first! ;) And where would any of us be without the strong leadership of #3479’s manager, Mark! (But honestly it seems like lately Dave thinks he’s the manager? That’s fun for him though!) Lastly I have to say that the schedule is always really open for new appointments, making it easy to come by anytime and see any of H&R’s tax professionals. (Except Dave, who is always so booked up! Would love to know this guy’s secret, haha!!!)

Now, not to be a negative Nancy, but sometimes it does get a little slow around here. Maybe this has something to do with Dave taking all these appointments? (Seriously though, nice one, Dave!) And just again, not to complain, but I always seem to be in the draftiest part of the office, even somehow after that time we switched cubicles. And in general I just kind of suspect you guys might be phasing me out?? Sorry, I know I sound wacky! (I work here, btw. This is Natalie from the 3rd cube on the left.)

ANYHOW, last but not least, can’t forget to give a quick shoutout to the H&R H.R. staff! (LOL!) While I appreciate every member of this tax team, and all of Dave’s hard work, this will have to be my 2 weeks notice. (Wanted to put it here so it’s convenient for you, Mark! I know you read these anyway! Don’t get mad at me, honey! Heart u!!) So I’ll just take it from 2 weeks after whenever you read this. Let me know, I’ll be sitting in my cube 8 hours a day until I hear. No rush!


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