WATCH: A Monkey And A Dog Meet For The First Time And You Will Not Believe What Happens Next!  

Please, take any preconceived notions about what you think may happen next when you WATCH: A Monkey And A Dog Meet For The First Time because I assure you, any attempt to even try to guess what happens next will be woefully and embarrassingly under imagined because, and I can’t stress this enough, you will not BELIEVE what happens next! 

In fact, what happens next is so spectacularly unbelievable your only regret will be not finding out what happens next sooner! So what are you waiting for? 


For even if I were to simply tell you what happens next you would look at me like I was an absolute loon! You’d say, “No way, I don’t believe that’s what happens next you loon!” Which is exactly why you need to WATCH what happens next, FOR! YOUR! SELF!

Let me guess, is this an impression of you right now?  

“Wow, I’m really starting to wonder what could possibly happen next?” 

Well dummy, as a person who has already had the pleasure of witnessing what happens next, I can tell you that it is nothing short of… MAGIC! 

Magic, you say? Yes! Magic, I say! 

Think about it, when you see a magic trick… What happens next? 

Are you stuck? I’ll help you out – First, imagine you have just seen a magic trick… 

Well, can you believe it? Nope! No sir! No sir, you cannot believe it, can you? Great magic trick!

And that is precisely what happens next when you WATCH: A Monkey And A Dog Meet For The First Time! Believe it or not, you won’t believe it! 

Now you may be wondering, “Fine, okay, but what happens after that?” 

Wow. Great question.

What happens next? You ask, what happens AFTER A Monkey And A Dog Meet For The First Time, and you see with your own eyes what happens next, and you can’t believe it (in fact you’d go so far as to say that what happens next is something even others would have trouble believing)? Then what? What happens next, next? And more importantly, will you believe it? 

What happens next-next is, and I already know you’re not going to believe wh
at happens, but you move through your life completely changed by the magic you have just seen. What happens next-next is a cascade of emotional unburdening. You feel lighter, freer, more present. 

BUT, it’s what happens next-next-next that is truly unbelievable.

For what happens next-next-next after you WATCH: A Monkey And A Dog Meet For The First Time, and then feel a brilliant emotional unburdening is this: 

The fast tracked escalation to pure, undiluted, enlightenment…

“No way.” You say. “I don’t believe that’s what happens next!” 

Well, it’s interesting you would say that because, buckle up, as I’ve told you before, you won’t believe what happens next… 

What happens next in this newly enlightened state is that you won’t be abl
e to stop yourself from radiating pure joy to those around you. And what happens next is all that joy is returned to you ten fold. But, what happens next is you quickly realize what we know as *joy* is really just an illusion. And of course, YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. But what happens next is you realize this illusion keeps us chained to the physical world. And while you’re too busy not believing any of what is happening next, you actually start to feel yourself slowly detach from this world. And what happens next is you realize that you don’t actually mind this feeling of detachment (I know, this is hard to believe), and what happens next is you feel yourself reaching an even deeper level of enlightenment than you ever thought possible and that’s when it hits you: 


They’ve met each other an infinite number of times! This isn’t a meeting! It’s a reunion! And. You. Can. Not. Believe it! And what happens next is you actually begin to weep! “Monkeys and dogs,” you say, “We’re all just monkeys and Dogs,” and through tears you affirm, “Best friends.” 

And you clasp your hands together to indicate friendship. 

And as you clasp your hands together you’re swallowed into a brilliant white light where you may finally, mercifully, transcend…

I know! You’re thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe that’s what happens next!” 

And to you I say, that’s nothing! Because if you can’t believe that, then WATCH: A Cat Thinks She Deserves A Bigger Dinner And You WILL NOT Believe What Happens Next…



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