The Higgs Weldon
An Inspirational Quote from Adam Allgood
November 21, 2014

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Five Unread Messages From
November 20, 2014

From: David Helgins <>
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014, 10:41 a.m.
Subject: Thank You For Joining LoveFindr

Thank you for signing up for, Where All Your Love Will Be Found™. As the LoveFoundr, I’m letting you know we desire your feedback. Feel free to message us any thoughts, suggestions or great stories from using LoveFindr. We can only go so far on our own, so with your feedback we can make your LoveXperience even better.

May You Find Your Love™,
David Helgins, CEO/LoveFoundr,  (more…)

Pitchfork Media Reviews an Actual Pitchfork
November 19, 2014

Despite countless centuries of attempted brand revitalizations, it feels like every generation’s pop culture cycle irresponsibly pigeonholes pitchforks as a working class weapon of choice. Whether you first read of pitchforks raised by the unnerved German villagers in Mary Shelley’s 1818 Frankenstein or saw them hoisted by the dolled-up, Bowie-esque suburbanites of Tim Burton’s 1990 Edward Scissorhands, pitchforks hold an undeniable, unshakeable cultural cache. Hell, even Grant Wood’s controversial inclusion of a pitchfork in American Gothic lends darker, more ominous tones to an otherwise on-point portrayal of contemporary American rural life. The pitchfork’s reputation was solidified long ago, so what business does Kirkwell Brand have trying to reinvent it in 2014? Two years ago, I’d have bet we’d have Dr. Dre’s Retox and a headlining Smiths reunion spot at our Pitchfork Music Festival (buy tickets here) sooner than another “modern retooling” of the pitchfork as a gardening utility.

Any goodwill for the project among the few loyal quickly dissipated. If you’ve read any veritable, truly authentic blog over the past few months, you know the debacle. (more…)

Five Tips to Help Techies Embrace Fashion
November 18, 2014

Growing interest in wearable devices means that the tech sector and fashion industry must start working together. The big challenge is the tech sector’s well-known lack of interest in fashion.

To work more effectively with their fashion partners, Techies need to take a more studied approach to fashion.  They need to change the way they dress. Stop picking clothes like hoodies, employer-logo T-shirts and Adidas sports sandals based on comfort, convenience and unnecessary features. Otherwise fashion industry partners will continue to be as horrified as techies would be if fashionistas still used a Palm Treo, kept up with friends on MySpace or accessed the Internet via dial-up. (more…)

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David Foster Wallace Writes a Book for Toddlers

To my future biographer: Triumph of the Chill is a fine title. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, just putting it out there.

Finn Straley

As the blood ran down my face, I readied for more attacks, sword poised. One thing was clear: this was the best goddamn bar mitzvah ever.

Patrick Walczy

The running theme between my love of rock and roll and my love of kittens? Sweet licks.

Lucia Fasano

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